Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's a BOY

I am a Great Aunt again,--- Patrick James arrived on Anzac Day to my wonderful nephew and his lovely wife. I asked them for ideas and orders for the baby gift, they have a 3yo boy , and 2yo girl as well.
A name bag -- to carry quilts, clothes, bunny rugs, bibs, toys, nappies; -  the older siblings have their own name bags as well.
Another Anzac day baby for the family, this will make three generations who will now celebrate their birthday on this day.

Our children still are using their name bags as swim / sports bags,--  bags to take on sleep overs. Each child packs their own and is responsible for their own bag and belongings.
Name / Nappy Bag

Michael Miller  - retro Transit Transportation fabric

Obligatory books as gifts
two Australian Authors  -- the uniquely Australian Banjo Patterson's 'Waltzing Matilda', and John Heffernan's 'Two Summers"   both favourite reading matter for our children when they were younger.

A CAT in the HAT Doorstop for young PAT!

Miss 5BN has been busy sewing fabric into doorstops for the next local farmer's market. New baby Patrick will be able to test run a doorstop!!  I am sure he will be able to acknowledge this in fine form!  As long as 3yo Sam the older brother does not realise it may be a weapon - filled with rice!

Careful cutting
Doorstops in the making.

Line them up carefully

Concentrate well

All in a queue to chain piece

Tops all finished and pegged in Cheerleader CHA CHA style!

Need to sew the bases to these dozen, and fill with gravel.

Off now to wrap baby Patrick's gift, by chance I need to go to Melbourne for work/study tomorrow, so will be able to meet baby Patrick, and hopefully have a cuddle and inhale that special new baby smell.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stitching and Bowling

Quiet Reading
These two completed, very happy with the Book Club Stitchettes, will make these into a small quilt when they are done.
Autumnal Reading Matter!

The middle 5BN celebrated a birthday today, he wanted to go bowling, here we are in full flight!

Miss 5BN was the winner each time, much to her delight!

A century since the Titanic went down, all watching the movie on t.v. now.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Wee Wonderfuls stitching

I have traced this Wee Wonderfuls stitchette using the Pilot Frixion pen that Georgia first told me about.  It disappears with a light iron.  It was fabulous to put a quick iron to areas that I felt had not been as neat in the tracing as I would have liked. Magically, the marks disappeared, and I could quickly retrace in an instant.
I bought my Pilot Frixion pen at our local newsagent, the lovely girl needed to look high and low, before asking for assistance from a fellow staff member - who located the container promptly.
 Upon coming home and relaying the find and seek mission at the dinner table, the little 5BN's promptly told me  --  this is what is used with the graduation to a pen licence at school!  A pen licence is deemed appropriate in senior primary school - when the pupils continue to write neatly in blacklead -- they are allowed to use a pen--and this is the choice  - as mistakes can be erased easily.
Making use of the Lightbox

Quiet and Silent reading

Miss 5BN has been stitching this lovely girl onto a pillowcase, as does Georgia with her precision stitching.

During the 20 week ultrasound whilst pregnant with Miss 5BN, the Ultrasonographer stopped and called the Senior Chap in.  Having a little knowledge of the procedure (  a little knowledge can be very very dangerous!) all sorts of wild possibilities went through my mind.  How relieved were we, when we were told;  the ultrosonographer had never seen a baby in the womb, --lying on its tummy, hands up under the chin, and knees tucked up under the belly!    Mr 5BN and I also added that our 2yo 5BN at the time - also loved to watch t.v., play, do jigsaw puzzles and read in this manner.  We all shared a chuckle at this.

I was quietly chuffed, therefore, when Miss 5BN picked the above design to stitch for herself.

Next project is  the quilting bee, maybe will make this into a tote bag for Miss 5BN to carry around her stitching projects - now she is quietly confident.

Heat Packs bagged for the Farmers Market

The sewing machine is away, and the last kernels of wheat vacummed and swept away.
The child labour had their best day yet, selling out of most of their products at the local Farmers Market yesterday. We joke, we are receiving a better price for the wheat sold in this manner - than sold at the silos at harvest time.
Lovely Labels
The new labels were put to use, and I will also use them on other sewing of quilts and garments as well.  I am very pleased with the quick turnaround and communication with this company.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Totes

Easter Totes awaiting to be filled

Finished in time for Easter Bunny

Miss 5BN has been doing some stitching in preparation for the Easter Bunny.
The pattern is featured in Australian Homespun,
The Easter Issue, No. 106  (Vol 13.3)
We sewed them up this afternoon, they were quick and easy to make.
The pattern was designed by the lovely Natalie of Cinderberry Stitches
Rear view of the Easter Totes.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Fabric Painting

I did a Fabric Painting workshop at Warracknabeal on the weekend, Shirley and Delwyn of Quilters Harvest continue to be wonderful hosts and provide all that is needed for a fun day.

Kerry and Lois making progress
Kerry showed us the essentials, and we were in a for a productive and relaxing day. The fabric painting was very therapeutic, not unlike watching the children colour in with their pencils,  Kerry continued to move between all tables, imparting knowledge and wisdom-- well done for an easy and fruitful workshop.
We were all surprised by how much we achieved, now home to do some stitching and embroidery to complete our pieces.

quick progress here girls!

Joy's family crest  -- stunning

Civil War Poppies