Sunday, March 24, 2013

Quilt completed - pattern repeated!

I have enjoyed a quiet sit this afternoon, and completed the binding on this quilt.

I printed off a label using Matilda's Own  ---Inkjet Printable Fabric,
 It is a basic but functional label.
How do you label your quilts?
The quilt is folded into a box, but I will make time tomorrow to package it more neatly in tissue paper, and find some ribbon to tie neatly about the box.
To be gifted  this week to its new owners - as they move into a new home.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pattern Repeat!

Another quilt in the making---to be gifted, once the binding is sewn on!
 I repeated a pattern I have used prior, this quilt pictured below is in constant use in our house.
MoMo wonderland fabric range
Pattern is Wild thing by Thimble Blossoms
I admire Vanessa's new colour range, so I quickly bought two charm packs from Kate.
Added in was some homespun in the Sand colourway.
Vivid and fresh colours
 The pattern I used is a favourite --Wild Things by Camille, quick to prepare, and the blocks sew up quite speedily using the chain piecing method.



I was too impatient too wait for yardage of Simply Colour-- to utilise for the borders to arrive via post, so I enlisted a friend to help choose the fabric for the two borders- at our local Spotlight.
Backing fabric, border and binding fabric
Borders added and passed onto Mrs WB for some of her precise quilting.
lovely quilting - yet again

Binding sewn on, in the process of completing the hand sewing.

I am pleased with the vibrant colours in this quilt, loving the pops of hot pink --I did not want it to appear too feminine when completed;  I was not disappointed at all.
Hoping that this will cheer up and cheer on the sports mad family- who will be the recipient of this quilt.  A splash of colour providing warmth at the cool mornings and afternoons of winter sport.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cookies and Cream slice

We love our chocolate in our household, we also love our slices that contain chocolate. When I see blocks of chocolate on sale at the supermarket, I stock up. Both schools now have a nut free policy - as a result, I often use Cookies and Cream chocolate as the topping for a basic slice base.

I must hide this stash

Cookies and Cream Slice

125 gm butter
1/2 tin condensed milk
2 tablespoons Golden Syrup
1 pkt Marie biscuits

1/8 block Copha
180gm Nestle Milky Bar -- Milk and Cookies / Cookies and Cream

or  you may use
Cadbury's Dairy Milk / Roast Almond / Hazelnut
White chocolate melted with slivered almonds and diced apricots

Cookies and Cream chocolate as topping
Invariably, I make a double batch, it just seems to last into the next day!  Just double the above quantities listed in the recipe.
Another old favourite is the Mars Bars Slice.
I have been shopping at Aldis, and substitute their products - for the originals used in the Mars Bar slice.

Mars Bar Slice
3 tablespoons butter / margarine
3 Mars Bars
3 cups Rice bubble

Melt the margarine and Mars Bars over gentle heat, mix in the rice bubbles, press into a slice tin and let set, ice as you wish with a chocolate topping.

I use a pkt of Titan bars, instead of 3 Mars Bars, cut into pieces - to melt quicker, watch for sneaky fingers taking pieces!  This requires 4 cups of rice bubbles.

Melt before all eaten!

Sprinkle with the Lindt flakes---complete!

This slice seems to win a first or second prize each year at our local show.
The Show is on again in several weeks,  guaranteed, the children will discuss intently - who is to make and enter which particular slice!