Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Spy bags

Whilst chatting away and cooing to the school teacher's new baby, I noticed an interesting toy in the pram, stooping to admire it, and investigate further -- I learnt that it was an "I Spy Bag".

This clever crafty mumma has been making these play / educational / learning bags - whilst on maternity leave from her paid position.  A friend and I quickly put an order in for several of these -- already some have been gifted to a work colleague's new baby --- Miss Pippa and my new great nephew- only  hours old as I type--- Master Dustin.

fully lined,- reinforced sewing -, well made.

can you find all 22 items!!

sturdy durable wipe clean window!

Hours of entertainment provided here.

This clever mumma will be at some local Christmas Markets, on Saturday December 1st, and Sunday December 2nd.
Should any one wish to place an order prior, please contact me with your details, and I will pass onto this busy Mumma.

I best go and pull some fabric from my stash to make a gift for Master Dustin-- to add to the I Spy bag!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

In Appreciation

I was lucky enough to be given these delightful roses  -- both the flowers and the choccies this week.
A grateful customer / client / consumer was appreciative of what I have done in my normal everyday paid work over the  past few months for her and her family.

This was totally unexpected, and gratefully received.  This is a reminder of why we keep doing what we do -- these gifted rewards are a bonus,  but I do love to see the progress of my clients/ consumers/ customers  -- that they make on their journey through life.

Vibrant colours

Yum yum

Both these will be going home from work with me tonight!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Molly jacket

covered button detail --made by Miss 5BN
 I have had the Molly Jacket pattern for several months now, and I decided to set aside some time to make it for Miss 5BN.

pale grey cordouroy

The instructions were clear, easy to follow.
Jacket is reversible, this was very quick to sew - cut 2 of everything, and sew 2 of everything!


Cuff folded back

 house print in purples--- from Spotlight - similiar to a Liberty print
Spring version of the same jacket pattern

Miss 5BN receives gushy comments -- whenever she wears this jacket.
This yellow birdie jacket was purchased from the busy Elaine of Apple Crumble on FB

Another Molly Jacket in mind -- using this fabric

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pink Lovehearts

This smocked dress is on its way west, across our vast country to Perth, Australia.  Miss M the new owner will be wearing it to a wedding,  Miss M is just beginning to crawl, I made matching bloomers, and showed Miss M's Mum how to tuck the front of the dress into the bloomers -- enabling Miss M to crawl, without the need to faceplant onto the floor--when she became caught on the hem of the dress.

Triple Love
I have lost count of the times I have smocked this design, always a favourite request.  The dress is 100% cotton - soft pink with a very fine windowpane check detail.  Just gorgeous.

detail to sleeve cuff
Whip stitch piping adds an interesting detail to the piped yoke, collar and sleeve cuffs.
matching coathanger

Hem detail

A tucked sewn hem is a quick finish,  as well as adding detail to the gorgeous dress.

I hope to have photos of Miss M in all her finery at the family wedding - interstate.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Holiday Fund

50c per Swear!
Miss 5BN has been making a swear jar for the boys in the family.  Already fines have been given out, and the guilty parties have contributed to the fund, the monies are hidden by Miss 5BN quickly.
Miss 5BN is dreaming of how the money will be spent on our next holiday!  We are yet to decide when and where this next holiday will be.
For now, the surveillance will continue, the males in the household are being followed, a greater interest is being taken in their conversation and language skills than ever before!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Protective Pouch

The computer is home again after 3 weeks in the workshop.  I am not convinced that it is working to top quality standards - however.
In town yesterday morning, killing time whilst Miss5BN was at dance practise, I decided to investigate the "Saturday Only Sale" that one electronic chain store was having. I quickly bought an external hard drive- to store data from the computer - should it malfunction again. 

Today, I decided to make a pouch to contain the hard drive.  Using the lovely pouch that Kristine has made as my guide --- I then raided the stash and made myself one.

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, how does your garden grow?
Hey diddle, diddle,  The cat and the fiddle

The Knave of Hearts, he stole some tarts, and took them clean away
I may use a metal snap to close the pouch, our hair elastics were waaay too thick and chunky for this little project, yet I loved Kristine's innovative closure on her pouch.