Friday, October 26, 2012

Skirt sewing

Another birthday party invitation, and being the girl that Miss5BN is -- she had nothing to wear!!
We decided to make a new skirt.
Fabric and pattern were pulled from the stash
 The skirt was made - loosely based on the above pattern, some modifications were made.
Inverted pleat in the centre front
Elastic in the back waistband only

A large bow was requested and made

worn and enjoyed already

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spots and Stripes

Fabrics all folded ready to use
Miss 5BN wanted to do some more sewing - but not heat packs.
A small window of time presented itself, so Miss 5BN set to work
spots and stripes were sewn right sides facing all around, leaving a small opening to turn them inside right sides out.
Hey Presto - 2 large cosy bunny rugs were made, ready to swaddle the busiest of babies.
double sided bunny rugs

Next request - a new nightie, all the others were way too short.
sewing a line as a guide to fold over the hem

Fold once on the sewn line

stitch the hem down

finished nightie

this was a quick sewing project, Miss 5BN is happily wearing this nightie most nights.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Summer Sport?

Junior Tennis begins this weekend, we have had an Arctic blast weather wise, so it will not be hats and sunblock this weekend.  Instead it will be layers of clothing and running, dashing and staying on the move to keep warm.
Not sure if the littlies will need gloves or mittens - standing out in the cold.
I am parent help for the youngest / newest players - this Saturday --that will mean for me-- warm socks, my gloves, scarf and coat whilst I am umpiring / assisting, wiping tears for those littlies - when the ball just does not go where they had intended it to.
I had best take the stickers / encouragement rewards - A) for them having a go, and
                                                                                     B) for braving the elements

Our trio braving the elements at a winter clinic.

Ball picking up made fun!

Careful careful!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Spring Jacket

Some free time this morning,and the house to myself - I made the most of the quiet time, and set up the sewing machine.  I set out to make another Molly Jacket using the DS fabric.
Again, instructions were clear, second time round, it is always much quicker.

Red and Aqua blooms

Short sleeve Spring version

Lined in Sand - Homespun cotton

Loving the heart detail in the centre of the flower

Miss 5BN has a birthday party to go to - tomorrow, this will be layered and worn

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nana Knitting

Now I do enjoy a good cup of tea, and yes we do occasionally use the Teapot - but I do not own a Tea Cosy.  Nor did I ever have a desire to knit a Tea Cosy.
All this changed when a family member requested a Tea Cosy for her impending MIL.
MIL knew exactly what she wanted, - all the gorgeous, innovative and creative tea cosy's on Madeit and Etsy just did not fit her requirements.  Darker pink and a cable pattern!!
A pattern was purchased, I bought the wool, and away I went.
Making progress

A few little false starts to begin with, and I had the pattern repeat sorted, quietly chanting in my mind, I left the kids and their school mates to make their own entertainment!  -- gently supervised of course!

One side completed
I had not made a pom pom since Primary School, so enlisted Google for a quick tutorial and a refresh of the memory --on how to make a pom pom. It was simple and very fast to make.
soft and fluffy pom pom

completed Tea Cosy

This was a quick and simple project to do, the members of the 5BN family were quite fascinated to watch the formation of the tea cosy, and curious as to why we don't own one.  I feel the pressure is to knit a repeat of this tea cosy - just to stay at our house.
More mumblings and counting of pattern repeats- under the breath will be in order!

Tennis begins this weekend, -- the forecast is 14c and showery.
The Tea Cosy may be multi functional - and put to use on the head for warmth!  Not a sight to be imagined - but in our local community - we have an interesting / eccentric lady - who we all believe to wear a Tea Cosy throughout winter on her head. There is often much guessing and mumbling amongst ourselves as to wether it is a hat or a Tea Cosy that is being worn for warmth-- not for fashion!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Cowboys and Aeroplanes


I found some time this week to sort through the fabric stash and claim some Michael Miller fabrics from the growing stash.
Two name / nappy bags for two robust new boys born this week were in order.

Michael Miller -- Lil Cowpokes  fabric
Yee Ha Cowboy!
This bag is for the newest Great-Nephew
Michael Miller - Wild Blue Yonder Aeroplanes

A work colleague ordered the BEN bag for her new Grandson born earlier in the week.

Welcome to the world - Dustin and Ben

Up Up and Away

I expect that both these bags will soon be filled with the requirements for little boys,
nappies, wipes, quilts, toys, books and changes of clothes.