Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bricks and Mortar Shopping

Unable to attend the Australian Quilt Convention, I decided to assist with boosting the local economy, and visited two local businesses instead.  First up was visit a local bricks and mortar shop, loving the display of fabrics,  and assistance provided from the friendly, knowledgeable staff.
All photos are taken on my phone, did not think to put the camera in the car that day--so apologies for the poorer quality photos.
Candy Bloom by Aussie designer Rosalie Quinlan

 Lovely Softies, and also many fabrics from the Tilda fabric range

Pinwheels in a fresh spring palette.
Kits available for this quilt.

Vintage window display

Sew, Laugh, Love  by Leanne Beasley
I have seen the above stitchery popping up on Instagram feeds, and on some blogs,  I was pleased to see the pattern for this stitchery at  Quilters Harvest, so I quickly bought it.

Pattern transferred, and able to be seen!
 This pattern contained the iron on transfer, I quickly ironed the pattern onto some white linen that I had at home,  -- no instructions in the pattern -- but I chose to use a hot dry iron-- to iron on the pattern, which at the time --I remember letting it cool completely, before needing to re-iron several times- until I felt the pattern had been transferred onto the linen.
 I have been slowly doing a little stitchery some nights. 
Significant fading of the pattern transfer ---over a two week time frame
I must say, I am very disappointed with the iron on transfer,  the markings are quickly fading away - very difficult to distinguish at all, I have had to trace over areas that I am working on -- and feel I will quickly need to trace out the complete design soon- or it will have faded away altogether - unable for me to see the pattern markings.
I have ironed the piece of linen again with a hot dry iron, the markings have reappeared slightly, but still making it challenging to see the pattern.

I wonder if others have bought the kit with the markings already on the linen, or have transferred the pattern across to fabric.

Anyone out there with some handy hints for me ??

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

FQS 2012 Mystery BOM - Double Digits!

Blocks Nine and Ten have been completed, a quick check on Flickr- has revealed some others have also muddled the directional hounds tooth print on Block 10. I will unpick and redo Block 10 before the quilt top is all pieced together. Obviously distracted - as so many others were!
"Lakeside Retreat" by Johanna Figueroa

"Sunday Drive" by Minick and Simpson

Playing with some of the remaining fabrics from the BOM - I decided to try out this pinwheel block, I will complete and turn it into a Mug Rug. In my mind, I had planned to do a row of flying geese, using the same colour placement of fabric, down the right hand side of this block; however playing with measurements - I decided that upon completion - it would appear to be a placemat--not the intention that I had in mind.
It can stay the square Mug Rug!
Looking for inspiration on Flickr, I would guess that the Mug Rug was the go to Christmas gift - considering the prolific number with a Christmas theme.

Mug Rug  - to be!
Unintentionally, the fabrics above have the definite red and aqua theme- that Camille is so fond of.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A to C of baby names

Some more local babies have been born, the new Mum's have been putting their requests in for baby gifts.
Three little girls have received cosy blankets--awaiting the cooler months to arrive --it has been a warm start to Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

Others have requested the baby name bags as gifts.
Young Cooper is now 8 weeks of age, he was born with a head of thick dark black hair -- however over the past two months, that hair has now changed completely to a gorgeous burnished copper.

Welcome into our rural community - little babies.

Initial book bag

Miss 5BN had a birthday party to attend on the weekend, she decided the recipient needed an Initial book bag, it was filled with some drawing accessories, and activity books --for Miss E to whittle away the time - while the older siblings play their various weekend sports.

Miss E - the youngest of the family - reportedly was delighted to have a new and special bag---- none of the older siblings could claim -----as none shared a name with the same initial!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Zippered Pouch

 Now that AFL football season has started, I am finding the gentle hum / frenzied sewing of the machine in the evenings is too intrusive -(irritating!) for those in the household watching the football on T.V.
I needed to find a hand sewing project to do on those evenings- when all eyes and ears are glued to the footy.

I have seen some quirky completed sewing projects popping up on Instagram and on blogs, I soon realised that the patterns were from Anni Downs.

Anni has several books of patterns published - each with their own theme, Gardening, Christmas, Angels,  Stitching, Sewing.

Projects shown on the back cover.

 I found this little book, and decided to stitch the zippered pouch, it was quick to applique some scraps of fabric to the linen, and to stitch the design.

Those ladies  taking part in the annual Stitch-a-long have used Anni Downs' patterns in the past, and again this year, her book - Some Kind of Wonderful - is being used as part of the 2013 stitch-a-long.
I enjoy reading their progress reports throughout the year.
Applique pieces all ironed into place.

Zippered Pouch
After repeatedly needing to loan Mr 5BN's reading glasses to thread the needle, he persuaded me to wear them - whilst stitching. Less strain on the eyes; more even, smaller stitches, much faster! - the list goes on.
I then purchased a pair of mild magnifiers ( reading glasses of my own)  the next time I went to town, hoping this will make life easier - for when I am next stitching in the evenings.

Have some days home later in the week, I plan to find some small pieces of fabric to sew this little zippered pouch together and have a completed project.