Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kaleidescope Quilt

I had spied the kaleidoscope quilt hanging on the wall at  Cotton Factory, Ballarat and decided I would hope to replicate the masterpiece.
Hanging at Cotton Factory, Ballarat.
 Using Cloud 9 fabrics, and a neutral spot as the background, I googled Marti Michell and discovered she has a series of online video tutorials.  After viewing them several times, I was ready to cut into the fabrics.

Clear instructions made it simple to cut accurately.

4 pieces cut at once, 4 pieces required for each block.

12 inch blocks, soon sew up quickly

To reduce bulk at the centre seam,-I  ironed the seam open.

Points meeting neatly.

Contrast print from the same Cloud 9 range, to provide interest.

Off to the long arm quilter

This quilt top came together quickly, after watching the Marti Michell online tutorials, certainly helped. I made an extra 9 blocks -- all with the contrast colour, so will incorporate them into the backing - some how!
There has been many Kaleidescope quilts on Pinterest and Instagram - giving me inspiration to make this quilt again
I made 12 inch blocks, this quilt required 2 metres each of the background fabric, and the main coloured fabric, also 1/2 metre of the contrast fabric.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Summer Smocking

I was requested by a work colleague, to sew a smocked dress for the little Grand daughter - who was to be celebrating her 1st birthday.  I had not smocked for a year or more - but absolutely enjoyed the process again. The actual smocking is quite portable, this was mostly done, whilst waiting at the children's various sporting events.

Love a tucked hem, not only does it add weight to the skirt to hold it down, also is quick to sew.

Smocking pattern is Angels Kiss
P 18, Issue 86
Australian Smocking and Embroidery

Gorgeous tufted voile purchased from Dreaminfabric On Ebay Aus.

Peter Pan collars in the making.

This has now been given and gifted to the little Granddaughter, hoping for some warmer weather for the little Princess to wear this creation.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Welcome Clara

The last of this hot pink minkee was utilised to make a cosy blanket for Clara. The older siblings in this family have their own name blanket, so fittingly Clara did not miss out. Backed with a Tanya Whelan print, bought in an Instagram destash last year.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Winter Workshops

Recently I attended the Winter Workshops in Warracknabeal, hosted by Quilters Harvest in Warracknabeal. Again Shirley and Del provided to be the delightful hosts with the usual brilliant hospitality and warm welcome. The three tutors for the weekend workshops were Emma Jansen, Annette Blake and Jodie Carlton.
Annette displaying the strip piecing technique-- In her Stash Busting workshop.
Annette had a lovely display of quilts, and gave a talk of the history and significance of several of these heirloom quilts that she has made.
We all placed our fabrics across our work spaces, and Annette assisted in grading the fabric from darks to lights. Quilt designs and patterns were discussed, before we all began to cut and sew- to ensure we had a productive day.
The quilts shown below have all been made by Annette, providing us with much inspiration.

My choice of quilt -  to work towards.
 Most of Annette's work is 2 inch squares, enabling a variety of colours to be utilised in the quilts--and having the designs be vivid.  I had bought some charm packs of Joel Dewberry, Heirloom fabrics along to the day. I decided to cut these into 2 1/2 in squares to utilise the charm packs,  rather than into 2 in squares and have wastage.  Using a variety of lighter fabrics for the background, the couple of strips I made on the day, pieced together quickly. I have bought some more of the Heirloom fabric, and now wait for a quiet day to go back to the machine to piece some more strips for this quilt.

Source from here
Making a start on my next project!

These are some more photos of the productive work of the industrious pupils on the day. Amazing how placement of the blocks can change the layout of the quilts.

Emma Jansen taught her Harlequin Stars quilt. I previously had attempted to do this as a workshop with Emma, when she had her bricks and mortar shop - Ballarat Patchwork open. The days inevitably fell as the same day as our local Agricultural Show, sporting finals or at other busy times. I was delighted to see that this was the quilt pattern that Emma was teaching at Warracknabeal.


This was a fast paced and informative day, I finished one block, and hope to soon make several more blocks to piece together into a smaller throw quilt.
Emma has just posted a comprehensive tutorial  on her blog to assist with the piecing of the block. I will be referring to Emma's tutorial when I forge ahead in sewing further blocks.
I was too busy listening to Emma, and concentrating, that I took very few photos during Emma's workshop. Emma, however has put some photos on her blog of the productivity of her pupils each day!
Yet again, it is an absolute delight that a bricks and mortar shop in rural Victoria is able to provide a weekend of workshops with such talented tutors. We are fortunate indeed.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

April this month

Another request  for a baby blanket -- make it trendy!  Surely I had some fabrics suitable for backing that was trendy! This would enable the blanket to be made quickly, rather than waiting for fabric to arrive through the post- to be used for the backing.
Well,  hello April.
 I thought I was being fancy, using a pink multi coloured variegated thread- to monogram the name onto a piece of natural coloured linen.  However, here was no pink on that spool of thread, no pink at all!
No pink on this spool of thread.
Maybe colours for the world cup in soccer / football that is on T.V. at present.
Instead, I found a pink spool of thread to utilise; perfectly matching the Tanya Whelan print I had used for the backing- on this baby blanket.

Are these Tanya Whelan prints trendy enough for a backing fabric?
Welcome to the world, baby April.  May those months speed by quickly for you.

Monday, March 31, 2014

New Arrivals

Another little man welcomed into the world recently, the usual go-to baby gift was requested and duly made.
A retro print was used for this backing, with children at play, on scooters, bikes and carts, any play item with wheels was always well liked by our boys- so guessing this will be the same for Master Beau.

As  I had sewn for the two siblings, I gave Mum a choice of fabrics for this little man, she chose a Michael Miller print - "In Transit"

I am awaiting the birth of two more local babies, both Mum's have been members of the local tennis team, so will check the stash for appropriate fabrics- to have at the ready, once the new arrivals make an appearance.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hello Jordyn

A work colleague welcome her first born into the world last week, a dream pregnancy - however she went so overdue and endured a battle to bring Jordyn into the world. Obviously this bub thought she was too cosy in the womb! Mum reports she can now walk and sit pain free-- oh the joys of it all!
Jordyn was in at work for show and tell yesterday, all settling into a lovely little routine, and  the new Mum is enjoying being home.

Our children loved the  Hairy Maclary books, our first introduction into this series was sent from New Zealand as a baby gift to our first born - fitting that the author is a Kiwi! We have read many of the Hairy Maclary books over the years. There was no hesitation in including this book in the gift, the family are dog lovers - with a gorgeous chocolate Labrador that is well loved.