Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cruising down the river!

Relaxing -- summer style

We took the tinnie for a cruise down the river, it was a glorious balmy evening,   we were on a mission to show the 5BN children- an old historic cemetery.

Hey, what about me!!

And me too!!

Exploring - looking for the historic cemetery

Maybe it's this way?

Reptile track in the soil

an 8 month old baby Arthur Hunt,  died 1894

Lampard family plot--pioneers of the Polkemmet district

Andrew Hood, died 1899, his descendant of the same name - farms a neighbouring property.

The Calder family settled in the Polkemmet district,
and lived in the homestead, some generations ago.
Martha died in 1905

Polkemmet Homestead

Thursday, December 27, 2012

FQS Mystery BOM 2012 - passed the half way mark!

'Laundry Days'  designed by Anne Sutton

'Mint Julep'  designed by Lisa Bongean

'Weather Vane' designed by sisters  -- Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobsen

'Breezy Afternoon'  designed by Aneela Hoey

'Cherry Sundae' designed by Barb Adams and Alma Allen

'Town Square' designed by Kate Spain
'Moonlight Serenade' designed by Sandy Gervais

These blocks are sewing up quite quickly, the instructions are very clear, including tips for directional cutting and placement of fabrics - ensuring those particular fabrics - all have the print going along the same way.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Farmers Market Wrap Up 2012

We have had our last local Farmer's Market for 2012.
Time for a rest until late January, 2013,  the 5BN children have shovelled enough sheep poo, bagged enough wheat, collected and sold enough eggs to have earnt a spell.
The endless straight sewing of heat packs and door stops can wait until cooler weather.
We will all have a breather until the next Australia Day long weekend, meanwhile the children have enough customers to keep delivering to; over their school holidy break.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You have Mail!

We all love receiving mail and special gifts, and this was so true this week, to receive even more loveliness in the mail.
I was not surprised with the wonderful packaging, the care and detail that the beautiful crafty mummas have put into posting off their exceptional creations. The gifts are posted off with as much respect and care - as you package a friend or family member's gift -- but these are sent off to strangers.
It makes me reassses how I package my creations - prior to posting them onto the recipients.

Liberty hair ties

Apfel  promptly posted off the above hair ties, Miss 5BN has been wearing them with a new dress - a perfect match.
visit the store on to see some more clever work from Mrs JB.

Stationary from Paddock Press

Megan of the Paddock Press delightful store - again presented me with some extra delights.
All packaged beautifully,  extra tags contained in a whimsical bag,  with Christmassy coloured twine.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Time Management


There has been much sitting and waiting, whilst the 5BN children are at their various sports practise.  It has enabled me to sew the binding on several quilts throughout the year, most recently - completing the Swoon quilt,  in time for the Christmas festivities.  I used the Christmassy range of fabric  --- Flurry by Kate Spain.
The Christmas Concerts, School Concerts and the Carols by Candelight are all presenting the opportunities for the youngsters to display the talents they have been learning all year.
It also presents an opportunity for the Stitchers in the community to showcase their work - costumes - the youngsters are wearing, quilts - to be sat upon or draped about in the cool of the evening, gifts for the school, dance and sports teachers, bags to keep a collection of miscellaneous items required at all the function / events.
How do you fill your time waiting / watching the youngsters?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Farmers Market restocking

We are restocking for the Natimuk Farmers Market this Sunday
9 - 10 am commencement  ----  1pm finish
tonight after school -- it is all about the Reindeer Noses,  much taste testing ensured all the product met  quality control standards!
Reindeer Noses

Doorstops needing to be replenished, very challenging when the fabric is cut way off skew = another trip into town before the end of the week to be able to cut and sew bases for the doorstops,  = also to fill them with the gravel.

more photos to follow of the last Market =  Melbourne Cup weekend
Hope to see you all there this Sunday + do say hello
Kids will be bagging wheat and sheep poo after school this week, they are struggling to keep up with repeat orders for regular, local customers.  They do appreciate all the support and business put their way.