Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hexie Mug Rug

I bought the above pattern by designer Helen Stubbings at the recent Stitching in Spring workshop in Warracknabeal. The pre-cut applique papers were included in the kit.
Old habits die hard, I automatically basted the hexies with thread --completely forgetting that I quite easily could have ironed the applique papers to the fabric, and used a glue stick along the edges to baste the fabric to the paper.
Basting threads removed.
The applique paper is made up with 50% soluble and 50% non soluble fibres. The papers can be left in the work, and will be partly dissolved after washing. Leaving the papers in, gives stability to the sewing.
After taking out the basting threads, I decided to leave the papers in, I used a dot of  basting glue prior to ironing the hexies onto the background fabric.
Ironed in place
Fabrics are a mix of Denyse Schmidt, Vintage Modern by Camille Roskelley,
 the spots and stars - a range from Spotlight.
I used a clear monofilament thread to sew the hexies onto the fabric, and used the same thread to quilt about the hexie shape, lines spaced a 1/4 inch apart, and also in the middle hexie as well.

 A fragrant birthday candle together with the Mug Rug were soon wrapped and gifted to the Birthday girl.

Happy Birthday Mrs Zippy Zippy!
A piece of fabric used in the Mug Rug was also favoured by Mrs Zippy Zippy.  By chance, all items were matching for the birthday girl. Brooch and bag were also made and modeled by Mrs Zippy Zippy.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Odd socks

 The bane of every parent's life--odd socks
We have used a front loader washing machine for the last few years, I have enjoyed the water efficiency the front loader machine offers.
  However' I feel that the odd socks have been breeding at an alarming rate with the purchase of the front loader.
As much as the machine does a lovely wash, we cannot add extras to the wash -- once it has been started

Having a rare home day today, all others in the household being at work and school, I decided to tackle the baskets, bags and piles of odd socks that were hidden throughout the house.
This was a huge undertaking. Sports socks, school socks, work socks, name brand socks, international socks, plain socks, patterned socks, footy socks, socks with coloured toes and heels, holey socks, small socks the 5BN children have long grown out of.
 Cheap socks, expensive socks, labeled socks, wool socks, cotton and synthetic socks -- I am sure I sorted all of these varieties and more.
I paired so many socks today, I growled to all who would listen - and those who chose not to listen.
No sooking that they had no socks! 
There were enough socks paired to fit every hoof and foot on the Ark after today's effort. Still too many socks left without mates--where are those extra mates!  I nearly had a mild coronary doing the sums of the total cost of the socks paired or singular--stacked precariously in their piles.
What do you do with all those lonely single socks?  Where are all those lonely single socks hiding?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Love Heart Quilt

Too much time is spent on Instragram, moments snatched here and there.   Enabling me to dream of much inspiration, aspiration --but in reality not enough time or expertise!
However I instantly was taken by the quilt below.
Cath's new nephew is framed most beautifully on this masterpiece.
@cathmosely on Instagram made a gorgeous, vivid and  bright rainbow baby heart quilt with a Kona Solids Roll Up / Jelly Roll.
I scoured the net to find such a vivid Jelly Roll, only to be put off by the brutal shipping / postage charges from overseas.

A light bulb moment ensured I raided the stash. I had a half jelly roll of  Vintage Modern left from a previous project. I auditioned the fabrics several times, enlisting the help of family and friends to ensure the colours ranged from darkest to the lightest. Using a black and white filter on the camera also helped with colour placement / colour values.

Absolutely brilliant.  This magnificent work of art has
 been designed and made by the talented @cathmosely on Instagram

 Enlisting the assistance of my SIL the ever so prolific quilter, she had a pattern draughted whilst I was still muddling about at home.  My SIL drew up a pattern, raided her stash, and made the quilt below. She is so quick, and so inspiring.

Masterpiece from the SIL!
Now for mine to be quilted, bound and gifted.