Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hexie Sewing Kit

This packet of 2.5 inch squares were a gift from the Fat Quarter Shop,  after I had signed up for the 2012 Mystery BOM.
I knew what I planned to do with them, when they arrived way back in July 2012.
I planned to use Amy's tutorial to make the travel sewing kit.
Perfect size for 1 inch hexies
EPP hexies sewn together

A spot of bother occurred whilst taking the paper pieces out, count to 10 -- and go slooowly.  I must have been very keen with the glue pen, waay back when!
Some came away easily, others required brute force!

Hmm - no reusing this paper hexie!
Next step was to trim the excess from the hexies.
I used some jelly rolls strips for the binding; both the outer binding, as well as the interior binding -  on the pocket pieces, and the scissor holder.  
Again, I needed to go sloowly - sewing the jelly roll strip as the outer binding.                                    
As with the previous travel sewing kit, I found the binding cut the WOF - really only just met at the seams.  I could breathe out and concentrate, once the binding was sewn on.                                Another jelly roll strip of the same print was used as the tie closure.                                 
Chain piecing the binding on the pockets and scissor holder
Notions added
wavy zig zag stitch for the quilting,
Two complete.   
  The hexie patchwork sewing kit is 1 inch higher, I wished to utilise the
maximum amount of the hexies that I was able to.

This will be for me to keep and use.

Chatting to a work colleague through the week, she reminded me she has a significant "0" birthday soon,
another trio of gifts will be on the list to be made and gifted, hopefully she will  enjoy and use well.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Travel Sewing Kit

This trio of sewing items were quick to make, and will be another go to gift for sewing friends.

I loved the trio of gifts that Indiana Dreams made for her scrappy swap partner.

I have made the thread catcher previously for myself, the tutorial by Needling Things is clear and concise.  The thread catcher packs flat to go with whatever current sewing project I am working on. It could easily be made from two layer cake fabrics- or any 10 inch piece of fabric from your stash.

Snap fastener added as closure for the cotton reels.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We Interrupt This Transmission

I had time on my hands, loitering, hovering and ministering to Miss 5BN whilst she lay on the couch with her tummy upset and thought I would make this travel sewing kit. I rummaged in the stash, and utilised these fabrics.

Fabric selection

I quilted using a wide zig zag stitch, randomly spacing the lines
quilting lines just visible - I used a variegated thread
Miss 5BN was not improving, several phone calls to the appropriate personnel - and I decided that Miss 5BN needed to be attended to by the experts in our local regional hospital.

just about to go to theatre

wired and connected

The offending appendix was duly removed, two nights in hospital, and now home to recuperate in peace and quiet.
I did take some handwork with me - but found very little free time to do any sewing, lots of chatting to the wonderful staff though! - and watching of tennis.
I stayed in with Miss 5BN, whilst Mr 5BN held the fort at home, we did a swap for one afternoon - whilst I ducked home for a little while.
All in all, it proved to be a streamlined trouble free process, Miss 5BN was given a small gift/voucher from the staff for being the best patient on the ward! --I think this means she did not  press the buzzer -- my oh my-- some patients must think they are are answering questions on a t.v. game show! - for how repeatedly they press that nurse call bell.

Notions added

Mr 5BN had a birthday - whilst we were in hospital, a quick orange cake, made upon discharge,
giving of his gifts, - all a day late - but not forgotten.
Completed sewing kit
This was fun and quick to make - even with a break in the process. i can see myself making this again with a pincushion, and thread catcher as matching coordinated gift.

Friday, January 18, 2013

I Heart You - love to you and yours!

I have been an admirer of Vanessa's blog for some time, and have been a keen admirer of her newly released range of fabric. The colour gradients in her simply colour Ombre line of fabrics are a delight.
PDF Pattern  --  ready to begin!
Gorgeous gradients in this Spicy Pink  / Simply Colour   fabric range
HST and trimming

making progress
 Miss 5BN woke this am with an upset tummy, she has lay on the couch through the day, and has been a trooper with her stomach cramps and the continual vomiting. Sips of water +/- Gastrolyte have come straight back up, not much has stayed in her little tummy.

In one of her awake moments this afternoon, I showed her the very nearly completed quilt top  - instant response -- was a projectile vomit onto the quilt top. Luckily for all, those little sips of water just consumed - was sprayed onto the quilt top.  No harm done; a wash with an antibacterial in the washing machine will be required.
Waking later, Miss 5BN asked " did I really vomit on the quit top - or was it a dream?"

Needing some sunlight to kill the germs! before a wash and iron
 This has been Vanessa's first quilt for 2013, I will soon quilt and bind this - to also ensure it is my first quilt finish for 2013.
rear view!

lots of love, pink hearts and get well soon -  Miss 5BN.
The little dollie's bath was a much used receptacle today!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Dress by day / Nightie at night

 Miss 5BN requested another summer nightie, we bought some lovely light voile at Spotlight, and set to work. It came together quickly, I could not be bothered setting up the overlocker, so french seamed the side seams, actually the side seams are neater and more durable when sewn as such.

No belt added to the waist, enabling the nightie to be straight - no gathers

A piece of bias binding sewn into the back neck seam - shows Miss 5BN which is the back
Tag at the back!
light weight and summery
pin well 

sewing the bias onto the arm hole opening
floating away
dress by day, nightie by night!
I will be making more of these nighties, choosing some funky fabric that will be able to work the day and night scene well!!  The nightie / dress has been lovely and cool for the recent heat wave we have been having.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pinwheel Quilt

A baby gift for a work colleague's new baby - Sam.
I used this pattern to make two quilts several years ago ,
one in a feminine girly colourway - using the Santorini range of fabric, by designer Lila Tueller.
For the boy quilt I used an American Jane Charm pack.
I wanted to be organised for a work colleague who was having her first baby at the time. The work colleague is always super efficient - I was prepared!  As her Lucy arrived, I had the binding on, and the quilt gifted to baby Lucy.
The masculine version of the same quilt has been in the cupboard. Perfect time to add the binding over this break, complete the quilt and gift it.

The quilting on both quilts was done by Mrs WB, yet again -a superb flowing overall pattern for both babies.

I used some whipstich piping instead of making the prairie points
For the binding I went with some left over orange and yellow jelly roll strips, it seemed to frame the quilt so much better - than a darker blue spot fabric -that I originally had in mind. The jelly roll strips  were left over from the quilt below.
Hexagon quilt using an American Jane jelly roll
This has been since quilted, just waiting to have the binding sewn on.

I found this body suit / onesie in the cupboard, and decided to embellish it with some binding offcuts.
I sewed them on randomly, with no other purpose - than to utilise the small scraps.
Body suit for baby Sam - all co-ordinated!

The backing is a piece of  "Treasure Island" by Michael Miller

Santorini fabrics

Quilt backed and bound in the pink mosaic print