Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Summer Reading

Summer reading

I love to read, mainly easy reading "Chick Flicks "  is that the terminology? Many a night I am reading work papers and documents that aid sleep quickly.  I am loving this selection, 3 x Australian authors, and one well known Irish author.
I reread many a time; selections from favourite authors,  --- do you read once and pass the book on, or love to keep and re read.  I have passed the love of reading on to the children, all are avid readers, Santa brings a box of books each year to each children, our oldest loves his Australian history, so we listen to his passing on tidbits of knowledge to us.  Just wonderful.
Post Christmas Gift to Me - from Me!!

Not only reading of books, -- but BLOGS.  Having been a blog lurker for years, having now  recently started my own in 2012, I have always enjoyed Camille's commentaries on her gorgeous growing family, and her spectacular patterns and fabrics
I am loving looking through her first book,   I believe No. 2 is on the way!  Cannot wait.

I have many of Camille's patterns, and have actually made some of her quilts --to be shown in another post.

loving the scalloped border

favourite quilt in her book.
wonderful photography, clear instructions, easy to read pattern

Dinosaurs and Reverse Sewing

I decided to undertake making of Block 8 of the Swoon Quilt, it is 37c today, the children were watching Jurassic Park on T.V.

I found the background HUM / loudness of the T.V. very disconcerting and off putting.  Children screaming, adults yelling and screaming, ( all on the t.v.!)  dinosaurs roaring and making very loud gutteral noises -- no doubt as dinosaurs have done for may moons.  My heart rate was increasing by large increments continually  -- meanwhile - no complaints from the children --they were loving the PG rated movie.  Me - I was terrified - hence the repeat

Loss of concentration - reverse sewing needed here!!
Measure TWICE, cut ONCE

lots of reverse sewing  -- (unpicking)-- luckily I had cut one piece of fabric 1/2 inch wider  -- this was easier to cut down then to salvage a piece from the little remnant of the FQ to try to cut another required piece.

Hurrah, finally Block 8 completed

We decided to turn off the T.V. and sewing machine, and undertake
some other activities for the day

Raspberry Swirl Cake and Happy Face made by the youngest 5BN

Hmm  Who does he inherit all this hot air from?
Captive audience with some school mates.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Swoon Avalanche with Kate Spain - Flurry

SWOON  using Kate Spain -- Flurry
Block 1 -- my favourite so far
Block 2

Very Christmassy!   Block 3

Block 4
Block 5
Block 6
Block 7
I started this Swoon quilt back in October 2011, and then put it away as I ordered more FQ's to finish,  I have the motivation to pull it out of the cupboard and complete it  particularly after seeing how many have joined the Swoon-a-along on Flickr.
The background is a white with a red pindot, luckily I had 5 1/2 m of this in the stash  ( think I bought it to smock some little dresses with--but it has been used well here).

Katy  has been brilliant in encouraging and motivating us with the commencement of a  flickr group of Swoon-a-long blocks, and seemingly some already finished quilts.
Two more blocks to go.   I hope to finish these today prior to going to the local lake for a swim and BBQ tonight,  I think it is to be 35c today here.

Hope all are enjoying the heat or cool temps where ever you are in the world.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Middle Aged - Who Me?

Birthday Cake   Attempt at a Sponge!

I do not profess to be a Chef by anymeans, I am a basic cook, but the food is edible, and I would like to think-- reasonable plated and presentable at each meal.
Funnily enough --tipping the sponge out of the tin,  I noticed a sizeable portion stuck to the cake tin, undeterred I spack-filled the portion to the main cake with strawberry jam, covered the cake with cream and Mulberries  --  DELICIOUS.  every one had a second helping after the above photo  -- ALL GONE and no-one noticed the boo boo.

Mulberries straight from the Tree
 Mr 5BN had a birthday yesterday, this is the first time in 6 years we have been home for it, normally away at the Coast on holiday, but being home this year meant that we had a kitchen!!   It was a day of feasting, pancakes with a variety of  toppings for breakfast,  sponge for morning tea, dinner out to a lovely local restaurant for more food.
I was pondering--are we middle aged now -- when does being middle aged begin.
We decided that with the miracles of modern medicine and science,  that 60 may be the new middle age, we will all work to 90, and expect to live to 120yrs, -- sound daunting!!  Means a few more years until middle age may be applicable in this household!!

School Haircuts

Irish Dance Concert 2011

Beautiful Braid

The whole family have been to the hairdresser this week, the 3 males in the household went early in the week, and Miss 5BN & myself went another day, she was so  patient to sit for hours whilst I had the greys coloured out.  The staff at the salon gave her time to sit in the salon chair, and made a gorgeous braid on the thick hair.  We generally decide to go short for summer  -- but due to the Irish Dancing, have decided to grow it longer.  The boys threaten to cut it short all the time,-- Miss 5BN laments that other girls at school have hair to their bottoms!!  not sure when she sees the hair to the bottoms!! as school is fairly strict on the policy of hair up off the face and neck!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Initial Book Bag

Their has been an influx of new babies in our community lately, the go-to gift for me to make, when I am short on time is the Initial Bag.
I then try to find a book with the recipient's name in the title to put in the bag, this also works as a gift when the children are invited to a friend's birthday.

Delivered today to a new little girl A with her special book, the title containing an abbreviation on her name. The other bags--M, A, & Z were made for the three young males in the extended / blended family

Miss M and Master R have also been the recent recipients of their Initial Book Bag recently as well.
My youngest had a cuddle of Miss A, her Mum was quick to book  her up for baby sitting duties for the three new babies when tennis starts back. On the way home, my daughter asked in a horrified voice "What do I do if they need a diaper change?"  Hmm --too much American television in our house!!  quickly told her to handball the smelly nappies to the dad's to change!!

Summer stitching

Planning ahead for 2012 Christmas, after only just finished tidying up from Christmas 2011, this is the time of the year I begin BOM's purchased through the year, or keep going along with Christmas Stitcheries.
Have made a start on the Vivian Robinson  -  "Merry Little Christmas"  a BOM from the fantastic "Quilters Harvest" in Warracknabeal,

I love Viv's style, raw edge applique combined with a little stitching, the projects are doable! particularly for the time poor - we all seem to proclaim that we are.

Lynette Anderson's - Scandinavian Christmas fabric range, with a little HomeTown Sweetwater, all on an exquiste linen. Blocks are roughly 12in each, 3 rows x 3 blocks should be a great Christmas Quilt or Wall Hanging when finished.
Love doing the stitching with my new Klip Fast or Q Snap frame, my youngest is assisting with the stitching, and proclaims much easier in this frame.

Summer Relaxing

After 12 years of drought, we have water in our local lake, our children had never seen it with water.  No need to go to the Coast on a holiday, we have it all here.
Sewing in the morning, some handwork at the lake, whilst we enjoy the perfect weather.

Best of all--back to our own beds and clean sheets, own kitchen and laundry--no queueing for the laundry or communal kitchen facilities.