Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Appliance Malfunctions

This week is rapidly becoming very very expensive.
The trusty Janome was brewing up for a service - beginning to sound clunky - but has now clunked to a halt this week.
The element in the oven has gone defunct
The hard drive in the reasonably new laptop has gone into overdrive and now stopped.

I have packed up the sewing machine and arranged for it to be couried away for a service.
The computer hard drive is being replaced under warranty - but - staff at the local computer shop did reassure me, they need me to bring in a copy of the warranty.  Apparently the shop can't find its copy of the warranty - but have assured me, they realise the computer is still under warranty - but can't find it on their computer system!!  Confusing -- No!!
I have ordered a new element for the oven, postage for an element is the same cost as the freight cost of the sewing machine.
I can only hope our local Post Master hands me the oven element with as much care and reverence
as the photo below - I would expect nothing less - knowing the cost of the postage.

And totally unrelated to anything at all.  How excited was I to encounter two echidnas crossing the road - nose to tail - apparently part of the courtship process, with the male ambling behind.
We stopped to watch them crossing- with me telling the 5BN children how fortunate they were to witness the two together.  We have only seen solitary echidnas ambling on their own previously.


  1. oh dear, a costly week. The echidnas are lovely, how lucky to see two at once.

  2. yes an expensive week
    we now have a functioning oven though- to everyone's delight.

  3. Good news that the oven is working again, hope your sewing machine is back soon. Do you have a back up machine? I have my daughter's Brother, an ex-college machine, but she says she is taking it to her place at the end of this year! And I love your echidnas, so sweet!

    1. the back up machine is also in for a service, both should be back this week. oven working, computer is still in town.
      Plan to cut more fabric for "On a Whim"