Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cookies and Cream slice

We love our chocolate in our household, we also love our slices that contain chocolate. When I see blocks of chocolate on sale at the supermarket, I stock up. Both schools now have a nut free policy - as a result, I often use Cookies and Cream chocolate as the topping for a basic slice base.

I must hide this stash

Cookies and Cream Slice

125 gm butter
1/2 tin condensed milk
2 tablespoons Golden Syrup
1 pkt Marie biscuits

1/8 block Copha
180gm Nestle Milky Bar -- Milk and Cookies / Cookies and Cream

or  you may use
Cadbury's Dairy Milk / Roast Almond / Hazelnut
White chocolate melted with slivered almonds and diced apricots

Cookies and Cream chocolate as topping
Invariably, I make a double batch, it just seems to last into the next day!  Just double the above quantities listed in the recipe.
Another old favourite is the Mars Bars Slice.
I have been shopping at Aldis, and substitute their products - for the originals used in the Mars Bar slice.

Mars Bar Slice
3 tablespoons butter / margarine
3 Mars Bars
3 cups Rice bubble

Melt the margarine and Mars Bars over gentle heat, mix in the rice bubbles, press into a slice tin and let set, ice as you wish with a chocolate topping.

I use a pkt of Titan bars, instead of 3 Mars Bars, cut into pieces - to melt quicker, watch for sneaky fingers taking pieces!  This requires 4 cups of rice bubbles.

Melt before all eaten!

Sprinkle with the Lindt flakes---complete!

This slice seems to win a first or second prize each year at our local show.
The Show is on again in several weeks,  guaranteed, the children will discuss intently - who is to make and enter which particular slice!

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