Thursday, February 16, 2012

Local Agricultural Shows

Smocked Liberty and Blossom Dress

Award winning Beauty

More gorgeous  Dresses

Display circa 2008
 Royal Melbourne Show
I need to begin finishing some smocked dresses for our local Agricultural Show in a month's time. The above photos were taken at the State Show, the BIG ONE in September. I had more time to sew then, working part time with little children who slept in the middle of the day.
 Now it is much more difficult, working more paid hours, and children who no longer sleep in the middle of the day --children who chant --WE ARE STARVING--what is there to eat?  So every waking moment seems to be baking, and attending to needs and the needy!
Yes they do attend school--however I seem to be at the paid work job at the same time!  So it seems little free time to sew, but I am in the process of pulling out nearly finished  smocked items to ponder over and hopefully finish in the next few weeks.
At the end of the day, it is therapeutic to be a blog lurker--rather than finishing some bullion roses to a smocked bodice --but I must begin to prioritise,and finish some items to help with the dwindling entries in the local Ag show.

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