Monday, February 20, 2012

Swoon Block 9 Completed

I am sure I need a Bex, a cup of tea and a lie down!
Block 9,
I feel that this has been sewn in total 3 times!
So much reverse sewing / unpicking in this block,  I had it pieced some time ago and then thought --Hmm  not sure about colour 2 in this block; it was the Flurry Panel that came in the FQ bundle
Sewing incorrect pieces together,
I auditioned other Kate Spain-'Flurry" FQ's; but came right back to the original colour choice.

Swoon Blocks Finally
Now to piece it together this week, not sure to use straight strips of sashing, or to intersperse it with colour blocks of a myriad of the nine fabrics used--at the intersections.
Was not even going to attempt the sashing last night, after the dismal sewing effort of yesterday afternoon.


  1. Your Swoon is wonderful! I am making a swoon too, first block is cut out anyway, then I decided I'd better finish a couple of things before I start sewing a new project. Now I'm tempted to get it out and make a block!

    1. Yes comes together quickly, as the blocks are a good size.
      Looking forward to another bloggy catch up!