Sunday, May 20, 2012

Aussie animals for an English baby

Percy the Platypus and Edward the Emu

When my dear friend Inger and her lovely husband had their first baby 4 years ago. I wanted to give them a gift truly Australian. For Inger and her now growing family live in London, we shared accommodation many many years ago, both of us were working in London together. I introduced her to Vegemite, pumpkin ( this is cattle fodder for some in the UK!!) Tim tams, and bar b ques!
Inger has impeccable taste, so I pondered for a while, and with a light bulb moment! remembered buying from this talented lady previously for my little Miss5BN

Farmyard finger puppets

Older sister Maya received a koala and a kangaroo with joey in the pouch.  Inger loved the plushness of the animals -- and laughingly told me they matched in with her Nursery decor very well!!

Way back in 1992 when my Mum telephoned from Australia to say that Dad had had a heart attack, and was being transferred from our local country hospital to a tertiary hospital in the city, Inger was with me in a mad rush and panic - to help buy a ticket to fly home quickly; and also to arrange time off work for me in London.    Inger helped print my travel photos, and stayed up very late to help collate them into many photo albums--prior to accompanying me to Heathrow the next morning to see me fly home.  All the while , Inger munched on her oh so English Hobnob biscuits.
Dad had surgery, recovered well, and in 6 weeks time I flew back to London for a further 12 months of work and travel. 

All together now!  Animals and finger puppets

Welcome to the world baby Raul, looking forward to meeting you in the flesh!  Enjoy playing with your little touch of Australiana!!

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