Thursday, June 7, 2012

Winners are Grinners

Singing the winning theme song!!!

Receiving the Medallion!

Last Sunday, the region played the annual U12 football carnival.
Teams were entered from a 150km radius, so very early start to the day for some families.
All played in good spirits, and overall, an excellent skill level.
This year the middle 5BN was part of the overall winning team,--- pictured above receiving his medallion from the Minister for Sport and Recreation,  also the local Member for the Lowan Electorate.

The competition ensured several games were played over the duration of the day,  late into the final quarter of the Grand Final, the middle 5BN received an elbow into the eye socket, which over the next few days has bruised up into a lovely hue of greens, blues and yellows.
Today was the annual School Photos, I did discuss using some makeup to cover the bruising!---Oh No  this was not PC  to cover the bruise,  we will have mileage in the years to come  -- when we look back at the 2012 school Photos-- and reminisce on the U12 footy win and the injury sustained in the dying minutes of the game!!


  1. Oh awesome!! A perfect photo for his 21st too!! I bet he'll be disappointed when it starts to fade ;-)

  2. Thanks Courtney, he is quite embarrased with the attention!