Saturday, July 14, 2012

Colour Blocking and Smocking

Electra      AS&E Issue 33 -- page 6

 I have often admired the above special occasion gown made by designer Susan O'Connor - this has featured in an early edition of Australian Smocking and Embroidery.  Stripes of silk sewn together prior to pleating and smocking.
How surprised was I to stop at Eureka Patchwork for the first time, last month and see an assortment of colour blocked fabrics. The staff had some of the range on display - and they caught my eye.   I knew exactly what I could make with the fabric.  

Colour choice 2
Stripes are 19 cm or 7- 1/2 inch  wide strips
I called into the shop several weeks later - magazine in hand,  the staff remembered me admiring the unusual fabric earlier -- so quickly located all 7 colourways of this colour blocked fabric.
Regrettably - I did not take a photo of all the colourways laid out for Miss 5BN and myself to make the choice.

Fabric is Nuances by P&B Textiles

Colour choice 1 - won on the day
 I needed to sew two lengths of fabric together - I used a fine french seam- this seam went through the pleater so well.
Pleating the colour blocked fabric

Nearly all pleated!

I plan to make it sleeveless -- it seems to suit the older child better with a smocked garment  - and Miss 5BN feels she has more options to wear a sleeveless smocked dress--without feeling too over the top!!

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