Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A to C of baby names

Some more local babies have been born, the new Mum's have been putting their requests in for baby gifts.
Three little girls have received cosy blankets--awaiting the cooler months to arrive --it has been a warm start to Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

Others have requested the baby name bags as gifts.
Young Cooper is now 8 weeks of age, he was born with a head of thick dark black hair -- however over the past two months, that hair has now changed completely to a gorgeous burnished copper.

Welcome into our rural community - little babies.

Initial book bag

Miss 5BN had a birthday party to attend on the weekend, she decided the recipient needed an Initial book bag, it was filled with some drawing accessories, and activity books --for Miss E to whittle away the time - while the older siblings play their various weekend sports.

Miss E - the youngest of the family - reportedly was delighted to have a new and special bag---- none of the older siblings could claim -----as none shared a name with the same initial!

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