Wednesday, April 17, 2013

FQS 2012 Mystery BOM - Double Digits!

Blocks Nine and Ten have been completed, a quick check on Flickr- has revealed some others have also muddled the directional hounds tooth print on Block 10. I will unpick and redo Block 10 before the quilt top is all pieced together. Obviously distracted - as so many others were!
"Lakeside Retreat" by Johanna Figueroa

"Sunday Drive" by Minick and Simpson

Playing with some of the remaining fabrics from the BOM - I decided to try out this pinwheel block, I will complete and turn it into a Mug Rug. In my mind, I had planned to do a row of flying geese, using the same colour placement of fabric, down the right hand side of this block; however playing with measurements - I decided that upon completion - it would appear to be a placemat--not the intention that I had in mind.
It can stay the square Mug Rug!
Looking for inspiration on Flickr, I would guess that the Mug Rug was the go to Christmas gift - considering the prolific number with a Christmas theme.

Mug Rug  - to be!
Unintentionally, the fabrics above have the definite red and aqua theme- that Camille is so fond of.

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  1. I got my houndstooth the wrong way round but I'm going to leave it...makes it a touch more unique :-) can't believe it's almost over!