Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The To Do List

 Miss 5BN wrote her To Do List in the last holidays, very little on the list was achieved - what with the short stay in the local hospital and subsequent post operative convalescing that occurred.

The 'To Do List"

 A couple of driving lessons did happen several months ago, my oh my, for those of us passengers - as Miss 5BN attempted some initial take offs and learning to change gears of the farm Ute --
We laughed until tears ran down our legs!   We laughed until our sides hurt!
 We were in absolute hysterics, don't we all feel so much better after a hearty belly laugh.
Such fierce concentration was required to turn the Ute about, to drive down the length of the long paddock, no trees, animals or obstacles were harmed whilst the learner driver was in the seat and behind the steering wheel! Gentle pressure on the accelerator was a skill not acquired at all in the initial lesson.  It was stop, start, roar along, stop, start, roar along, and repeat again and again.

Miss 5BN driving merrily along

First Driving lesson!  as perceived by the passengers
Another driving lesson occurred over the weekend, huge improvements were noted and applauded by all and sundry. A younger driving instructor assisting with use of the foot pedals made for smoother driving.
Smiles all round

We were given the task of catching this lamb to reunite with its mother, note Miss 5BN is suitably NOT impressed at being pushed from the drivers' seat to catch the runaway. They were not tears of joy at all. The middle 5BN came to her rescue to catch the lamb, which was quickly taken back and mothered up with its Mum.

If we remove this obstacle, Miss 5BN will be less likely to run into it!
Miss 5BN will no doubt be first in the drivers seat this weekend, as we hope to have a day cutting some wood, to keep us warm for the cooler weather that is beginning to set in.

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