Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lucky Quilt Block

When Camille released some new patterns recently, "Lucky" caught my eye.

I decided I had time to make one block only to road test this pattern, no time to make a complete quilt, and with the cooler months on us, several quilts are currently on high rotation on the couches in the house, Mr 5BN would nearly have a coronary at the thought of another quilt being added to the mix!
"Lucky"  by Camille.

Auditioning some fabrics
 One block, quilted and bound is the ideal size for a place mat at the table, currently Miss 5BN is the recipient of this orphan block / place mat.

Quilted, bound and complete.

Rotated 180 degrees.

A request for a cosy warm baby blanket this week for newborn Joel.  The two older brothers loved their warm blankets, so this new arrival was not to miss out.   Hunting through the container of cottons, I stumbled across a clear roll of thread, not unlike a fine fishing line, I had not used it in years. I will remember to use this again whilst machine appliqueing, how easy to sew those circle tyres, the fine headlight, also the rear light / bumper bar on this little car. No errors noticed / visible to the naked eye! Wonderful!

Clear thread being sewn with, - nearly invisible to the eye!
 The backing fabric is an absolute delight. It reads as the Used Car Guide in the Classifieds in a newspaper.   Aussie girl, Kellie Wulfsonn is the designer, this range is Peak Hour, by Riley Blake Designs.
The males in this household have avidly read the adverts, wondering should they phone any of the numbers listed! Luckily - it appears the telephone numbers are all a scramble of numbers, none actually listed to the local directory!

Zoom Zoom

Welcome to the world baby Joel, best of luck to you, as you speed through life.

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