Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sewing Room Art Envy

Being cold and wet here, it has been the perfect weather for a little IT surveillance.
 I have been looking at some sewing spaces on the internet, and as a result; have become pea green with envy.
Some spaces have large design walls to hang their current projects, --  my design wall is where I can find some clear space!
My design wall --this piece is taped to the window!
WIP Dresden Plate draped over the couch!
Design wall being used is the back lawn
Attached to a fence!
Liberty Scrap Pack opened out on the kitchen table- whilst on holidays recently!
Design wall is the Lunch Room floor at work
The cutting mat as a design wall

A huge vision of colour, organization and a variety of spaces are evident on Pinterest.
 I have had sewing room envy with storage, sewing tables and all manner of ways to keep those sewing containers together.
I have been admiring Sarah's lovely new sewing space, in particular a wonderful framed chart on the wall in her new space -  caught my eye. I spent many years memorising  my Chemistry Periodic tables on the bus for school--so was quite fascinated to see the below table.
made and designed by  www.scientificseamstress.com
The Periodic Sewing Table of Sewing Elements is sew / so well thought out!
It has been designed by this wonder, I quickly downloaded the template above and had it framed. As yet not yet hanging in any designated area at home - but I have had this at my work place to show some clients who share the sewing / science mixture. We have all shared the same measure of amazement and pleasure at the thought process that has gone into this piece of art!
Well done to Carla for a fantastic piece of art for my sewing space that I am yet to claim in the house.


  1. My design wall is my lounge room or kitchen floors. Hadn't thought of having one in my new sewing room...I was going to hang a finished quilt on the wall!

  2. You may be able to find some space in the new room to display the current blocks you are working on!

  3. Just had to have a giggle at some of your extremely creative design walls! The places that can be found, will be found. And that Periodic Table is just brilliant - going to print and hang my copy now...J