Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lush Uptown fabric

I have enjoyed viewing all the new  fabric range releases in recent weeks. None more so than the rerelease of the Lush and Uptown  fabric range by  Erin Michael for Moda  - a mixture of two previous popular ranges. I did not buy any of this fabric in previous years, but decided I would this time round --before it all sells out!
Love the paint by number prints
Some retail therapy in my pyjamas, enabled me to purchase the above FQ bundle of this luscious range. Jennifer was quick with the emails, and together we were able to choose and fill the prepaid satchel, with some extra fabrics for the sashing and backing.  I now await the delivery of this special parcel!

 Scrolling through Camille's  latest book, I found the perfect quilt pattern, that will show off the large scale prints well.

The quilt pattern is "Sweet Life" on page 74 of Camille's latest book.
'Sweet Life'
Looking forward to utilising the fabric into a quilt, and hoping that younger children should not feel the need to complete the 'colour by number' spaces on the fabric. I best hide the colouring pencils and textas!

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