Saturday, September 7, 2013

Polaroid Blocks

Reading Sharon's blog recently, I admired her blog post requesting Polaroid blocks for a special boy.
I was inspired by the strength that young Blake has, and the ongoing care that is provided so well by his family, community and the nursing / medical team.
Let's hope that Blake is able to have some time home with his family and enjoy this special quilt that Sharon will piece together --Polaroid Blocks provided with love and large hearts by the crafting community.
It was fun finding some fabrics with interesting detail to be framed by these blocks.
cutting detail

making the frame for the block

Washi tape as a guide
Miss 5BN using the Rotary Cutter for the first time, under careful surveillance.

wrapped and posted
Those who sent blocks, were requested to include a postcard from where they live - to pass onto Blake's parents. Sharon has posted more pictures to Instagram of Polaroid Blocks she has received, there is a lovely and mixed variety.

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