Thursday, October 24, 2013

Listen and Learn

I was in Melbourne recently for a work conference, these days were very long and busy.
Listening and learning;   meeting old friends and new.

glitz and glitter at the Conference
Mellow music at morning tea

 After two long enlightening days, the car headed for home,- but it was not long before I realized I had to drive past this wonderful establishment.
Millrose Cottage had just shut after a busy Saturday, but it did not stop the gorgeous Sue, opening the Red Door to allow me in.  Conscious that they were in reality shut! --   I did a speed shop.  But not before I was privileged to see the photos of her gorgeous new grandson Ollie!  Welcome to the world baby Ollie, and thanks to the gorgeous and accommodating new grandmother Sue--enabling me to do a super fast shop.
Some stripes to make the Charge Nurse from Jodie's Ric Rac fame.


Christmas prints to keep working at Camille's pattern from her newest book

 Miss 5BNhas decided the blocks below need some green to match the Christmas colourway, I have been sewing with a layer cake of Cherry Christmas, so will need to make some more blocks with extra colours, before this will be sewn together.

Oops, error noted in the middle row, I will need to correct this.!

Hoping to make some more Churn dash blocks to add to this WIP. Let's hope this quilt is finished before Christmas this year, however the Christmas carols have been heard this week in our local supermarket this week ---way way too early!

After attending the Conference in Melbourne, I decided I needed to do some more study,-- books and DVD's will hardly make for bedtime reading --however I must persist, and keep at this.  There may be little sewing attempted for the next few months --whilst I hit the books!

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