Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Favourite Fabrics + Friends

These nappy / name bags are the requested gift in our rural community.
I only make them in a limited range of fabrics - this makes it so much easier for those prone to indecisiveness!  A work colleague ordered this for a new grandson, she has all grandsons.  This lady so wants a grand daughter to buy pink and frilly for. As her work friends-- we are amused;  her daughters are such tomboys, all having boys!!  Not sure if and when the  grand daughters arrive-- if they would ever dressed in pink!

Hello Master Thomas!

Well Hello-- Master Zachary!

Bag + Blanket to Zachary
This is one of the favourite fabrics I use often, I am down to the last precious piece.
This is
Friendly Neighborhood Firemen
Alexander Henry
circa 2006
I would love many more metres of this fabric, --  if any readers know of a shop selling this fabric, --- do please let me know.  I will be purchasing as much as I can!
Or if any readers feel the need to destash this fabric -- I am more than willing to purchase this fabric.
My sister has ordered the bag + blanket for baby Greta.
Greta's mother and my baby / youngest sister have gone through all their 13 years of schooling together, they have travelled overseas together as adults.
 My sister was bridesmaid to Greta's mother. 
 Greta's mother will be Matron of Honour for my sister when she marries early next year.
 Greta's mother had extreme and severe post delivery complications after delivering Greta.
Thank goodness we live in the 21st century with modern medicine, and access to appropriate and timely medical / obstetric care.
 Greta's mother is alive today to care for Greta and the toddler siblings in this household +  also the lovely supportive husband.
My sister will still have her first choice as a Matron of Honour when she marries in 2014. These two girlies will continue to be able to support each other and their families for many more years to come.

Precious Greta, how we are delighted you and your Mum are here today with us all.

Welcome to the world Miss Greta!

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