Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sweet dreams Niamh

More baby sewing of recent times, little baby Niamh made a very early delivery into the world, surprising her parents, who really did not expect the arrival for a few more months, Little Miss Niamh is progressing well, fattening up, growing and maturing well.

Let's hope that the NICU Staff are able to correctly identify Niamh for her feeds and medications, -  that little easier!
The backing fabric is more from the recent destash purchase I made on Instagram

I used this gorgeous Porcelain Tea Cup fabric to make the Bag,

 I was disappointed with my choice of fabric that I did use for the letters to make the name Niamh.
 I used what I had in the stash, I did not want to wait for more fabric to arrive by post, or for the next trip into town. The Tanya Whelan fabric is gorgeous quality, however not bold enough in colour contrast against the linen pocket on the bag.
I did not take a photo of the completed bag, such was my frustration with the final product,
however Niamh's parents reported their delight in the baby gift.
I have more of the Tea Cup fabric in the stash, I must take it with me and find a bright and strong contrasting fabric to put with it for the next bag I make.

Sweet dreams Miss Niamh

2014 will be a wonderful year - when baby Niamh finally goes home to the household, eagerly awaiting her discharge from hospital.

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