Monday, December 23, 2013

Electrical Appliance- take two plus some new Smalls!

Once the oven was installed, we decided to update the barely functioning cooktop / stovetop. Our local electrician was again enlisted in his minimal spare time to do the change over.

Lots of cutting was needed to fit the cooktop. I could not believe how clean this electrician was, he had his assistant bring in the heavy duty vacuum cleaner to tidy up his dust and shavings.
Not only did he complete the project in his minimal free time on the weekend, he kindly donated two dozen pairs of Bonds boxer shorts to our boys. He had bought them on Ebay, they were too small for him, he decided our boys would be the recipients of his online shopping. All new and unworn!

The least I could do, was send the electrician and his helper on their way with the remainder of a batch of fruit scones. They were so hungry, and were eating them constantly.
 I felt we came off in front / winners with the afternoon's activities-- two doxen boxer shorts, a new cooktop,   ----   he received the remainder of a batch of fruit scones + his payment for his Saturday afternoon activity!
However, he was so delighted that the boxers would fit some youth in the local community - and not go to waste!
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If any locals need the help with locating an electrician, I am only too happy to share his details!
He works all hours of the day and night, as long as food is provided!

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