Thursday, March 1, 2012

Colour Coding

Oh Fransson Zipper Bags

I have had the pattern for the Oh Fransson Zipper Bags for some time, and have completed one for the middle 5BN, the other two zipper bags are a work in progress.
The pattern is clear, precise and gives detailed instructions for adding detail as a feature in the design of the various sized bags.

This  bag, below - was made with a wide wale navy cordouroy, and red stars and spots fabric as the Wild Thing  feature.

Wild Thing  bag to carry all the " I" gadgets and their chargers. 
for the 2nd born son - red!!
Again, I love using Camille of Simplify and Thimbleblossom fame's patterns, always clear and easy to follow.

Work in progress, made using some American Jane  blue spots and stripes with the same wide wale navy cord and blue prints -- for the first born!

For over a decade, I have colour coded items belonging to the boys, blue or navy for the firstborn, always red for the second born. -- this has been used extensively for Kinder bags and smocks, hats, lunch boxes, drink bottles, pencil cases, clothing, toys, swim wear, thongs  --  this list could go on and on.
 Only recently talking about the purchase of new lunchboxes for the beginning of the school year with Mr 5BN ; I spoke about the need to purchase the appropriate colour for each boy.  With a stunned look to his face--  "Why on earth would you ever do that?"  he asked.
I was not sure I could adequately answer this through tears of

Using the same pattern again - Pint Sized - , I have made a little pincushion recently for Mrs ZippyZippy's birthday, using her favourite colours -- did not have to think hard to colour code you!!  Hope you enjoy it!

Have had a very dear friend call in this morning and help with some housework - twice as much achieved in half the time.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart-- she knew I had a little time off work this week to stay at home-- now I can do some sewing this afternoon. 

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  1. Thanks! And, I love those little cotton reels and as you know my pin cushion gets lots of use