Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spots and Stripes

Fabrics all folded ready to use
Miss 5BN wanted to do some more sewing - but not heat packs.
A small window of time presented itself, so Miss 5BN set to work
spots and stripes were sewn right sides facing all around, leaving a small opening to turn them inside right sides out.
Hey Presto - 2 large cosy bunny rugs were made, ready to swaddle the busiest of babies.
double sided bunny rugs

Next request - a new nightie, all the others were way too short.
sewing a line as a guide to fold over the hem

Fold once on the sewn line

stitch the hem down

finished nightie

this was a quick sewing project, Miss 5BN is happily wearing this nightie most nights.


  1. You always make me wish I could expand my sewing skills... But then I remember how much I dislike sewing and it me and I give up before I've even started!!

  2. Lookk at your other brillinat talents with furniture--how I wish I could do that!