Friday, October 5, 2012

Cowboys and Aeroplanes


I found some time this week to sort through the fabric stash and claim some Michael Miller fabrics from the growing stash.
Two name / nappy bags for two robust new boys born this week were in order.

Michael Miller -- Lil Cowpokes  fabric
Yee Ha Cowboy!
This bag is for the newest Great-Nephew
Michael Miller - Wild Blue Yonder Aeroplanes

A work colleague ordered the BEN bag for her new Grandson born earlier in the week.

Welcome to the world - Dustin and Ben

Up Up and Away

I expect that both these bags will soon be filled with the requirements for little boys,
nappies, wipes, quilts, toys, books and changes of clothes.



  1. Love that cowboy fabric, the third born was wearing a pair of shorts in that fabric today

  2. Lovely...and beautiful gift ideas too!! You must have the patience of a saint;)

    1. All straight sewing!, have these bags quite streamlined now.
      both gifted, and happy recipients

  3. That airplane fabric is adorable! It's always so fun to make bags :)

    1. we can never have enough bags, - so this is their first MAN BAG!