Saturday, October 13, 2012

Summer Sport?

Junior Tennis begins this weekend, we have had an Arctic blast weather wise, so it will not be hats and sunblock this weekend.  Instead it will be layers of clothing and running, dashing and staying on the move to keep warm.
Not sure if the littlies will need gloves or mittens - standing out in the cold.
I am parent help for the youngest / newest players - this Saturday --that will mean for me-- warm socks, my gloves, scarf and coat whilst I am umpiring / assisting, wiping tears for those littlies - when the ball just does not go where they had intended it to.
I had best take the stickers / encouragement rewards - A) for them having a go, and
                                                                                     B) for braving the elements

Our trio braving the elements at a winter clinic.

Ball picking up made fun!

Careful careful!

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