Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cruising down the river!

Relaxing -- summer style

We took the tinnie for a cruise down the river, it was a glorious balmy evening,   we were on a mission to show the 5BN children- an old historic cemetery.

Hey, what about me!!

And me too!!

Exploring - looking for the historic cemetery

Maybe it's this way?

Reptile track in the soil

an 8 month old baby Arthur Hunt,  died 1894

Lampard family plot--pioneers of the Polkemmet district

Andrew Hood, died 1899, his descendant of the same name - farms a neighbouring property.

The Calder family settled in the Polkemmet district,
and lived in the homestead, some generations ago.
Martha died in 1905

Polkemmet Homestead

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