Thursday, December 27, 2012

FQS Mystery BOM 2012 - passed the half way mark!

'Laundry Days'  designed by Anne Sutton

'Mint Julep'  designed by Lisa Bongean

'Weather Vane' designed by sisters  -- Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobsen

'Breezy Afternoon'  designed by Aneela Hoey

'Cherry Sundae' designed by Barb Adams and Alma Allen

'Town Square' designed by Kate Spain
'Moonlight Serenade' designed by Sandy Gervais

These blocks are sewing up quite quickly, the instructions are very clear, including tips for directional cutting and placement of fabrics - ensuring those particular fabrics - all have the print going along the same way.


  1. Very nice! Block 7 seemed to take its time to arrive, mine hadn't turned up before Christmas.

    1. Block 7 turned up yesterday morning - as I luckily had set aside time to catch up on the blocks I had not yet sewn--I was able to do no.7. Block 6 has not yet arrived, I contacted Mrs ZippyZippy for the cutting measurements, and my block 4 and 5 arrived together. All scatty with the postal system!