Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Farmers Market restocking

We are restocking for the Natimuk Farmers Market this Sunday
9 - 10 am commencement  ----  1pm finish
tonight after school -- it is all about the Reindeer Noses,  much taste testing ensured all the product met  quality control standards!
Reindeer Noses

Doorstops needing to be replenished, very challenging when the fabric is cut way off skew = another trip into town before the end of the week to be able to cut and sew bases for the doorstops,  = also to fill them with the gravel.

more photos to follow of the last Market =  Melbourne Cup weekend
Hope to see you all there this Sunday + do say hello
Kids will be bagging wheat and sheep poo after school this week, they are struggling to keep up with repeat orders for regular, local customers.  They do appreciate all the support and business put their way.

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