Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Mum

Nana with our first born 5BN

Shut your eyes tight
Make a wish tonight

Mum celebrated her 80th birthday yesterday, she felt the auspicious occasion should be fairly low key and  a little non event.  However, not surprisingly; -it appears to be the opposite - as we are all enjoying this 4 day weekend of festivities -- culminating with a significant family party / family reunion tomorrow.
Mum is an active volunteer and participant in many groups in her rural area, she still holds several executive committee positions,  -- therefore --   it is indeed no great surprise that the celebrations will take at least a fortnight - as each committee, group or organisation that Mum is involved in -- have all arranged a little function to acknowledge this special milestone and share it with a special lady.

So much for hoping the day would go unnoticed!!

We all love you Mum and Nana, and are pleased to be sharing this special milestone with you.


  1. Wishing your mum a very happy birthday!!!

  2. Thanks, all the celebrations have been fun