Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Heart You - Happy Valentines Day

This quilt was quick to sew, despite over 300 HST's to piece together,
it has been quilted by the clever Mrs WB, a very quick turnaround indeed.
It is home and in use - just in time for Valentine's Day.
Not that we do much to celebrate this day -- our Wedding Anniversary falls a week prior to Valentines' Day.  Always easy to find a treat / box of choccies to give as a gift for the anniversary- -  shops are usually well stocked  with a variety of enticing treats.

gorgeous detail with the quilting


The backing fabric is "Memoir in White"    Madrona Road by Violet Craft
Interesting fun reading of the little stories / sentences
Ombre Binding


This quilt is my first finish for 2013, as has it also been Vanessa's.


  1. Gorgeous! I'd really love to make this quilt.

    1. You would enjoy making it, was fun to make

    2. I'm ordering the fabric today :-)

    3. have you seen the same quilt made by on vchristenson's IG -- lovely in a mix of reds / pinks

    4. No, but ill go and have a look, thanks :-)

  2. yes love hearts always make everyone smile

  3. Oh, what a gorgeous quilt! Love the heart and the backing! :) Great job!

  4. thanks, we enjoy reading the backing fabric!

  5. I think my favourite colour combination is red and pink. Lovely job, and so quick!

  6. Wish all my quilts were as quick to make,there would be no more WIP's!
    It did help being on holidays and at home as well- all day to sew!