Sunday, February 3, 2013

Camera Straps

I had planned to make a camera strap for the new camera, after much deliberation, chose a  quick and easy method -  to make a cover that I could slide off and launder - should the need arise.
I used one of my favourite liberty of London Tana lawn -- Betsy in the green colourway.

Due to the fragility of the fabric, it needed to be reinforced to withstand manual handling from all the family, - I lined it with a Pellon, then straight stitched the length of the strap, I folded the ends under, presto - all complete,
Liberty of London, Betsy - green colourway

I slid the strap directly over the existing camera strap,  it is so much easier to identify my camera now.

new camera strap
I decided to make another strap to gift to a friend. Spots are always a sure fire winner for most recipients!

Interfaced with a medium weight sew-in interfacing

straight line quilting

My indispensable turning tool

Strap being turned

My friends' son demonstrating its multi use!


  1. That turning tool looks brilliant I struggled to use a chopstick yesterday as a turning tool.

  2. doesn't using the appropriate tools make the process just so much quicker!