Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Book Week Costumes

International Book Week was back in August, the theme for 2013 - was - "Read across the Universe" .
Our younger children had no hesitation  in choosing their character - to dress up as. Both characters were based on the books from the compete series that they were currently reading. It was only after the event, that I realized they possibly had characters that were 'Read across the Universe!

 Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling seemed to be popular at school this year. The middle 5BN has systematically read all the books in order, and watched each DVD on completion of each book.

Low key effort with Harry Potter; --- cape, wand and glasses purchased from a local chain store.
Miss 5BN has read her way through  Lily Quench - The Dragon Slayer  series, and loved them all;  after discovering them in the school library.
A Brisbane / Aussie author --Natalie Prior has written these books, aimed at the middle to upper primary school years.
Lily Quench the Dragon Slayer.

Miss5BN knew exactly how she wanted the costume made. Luckily the current Spotlight had costume mesh featured in that current week's catalogue. Unfortunately for us, our local Spotlight received a limited range of the product - and none of the silver that we needed. Many phone calls and hours later, we located 1.6 metres left of the silver costume mesh in Frankston.
A telephone order was arranged, and we awaited the postie to deliver.
$9.99 / metre
I was surprised at the price variance, price in the current catalogue was listed at $7.95 metre.
VIP Price was also listed as $6.50 metre, and we were charged $9.99 metre, despite giving my VIP number to the staff member on the phone.
Anyhow despite this --we needed this last 1.6metres for Lily Quench to wear to school in  less than 48 hours!

Pattern drafting a la very rudimentary style!
 I measured up a t shirt that Miss 5BN was wearing, and cut into the mesh quickly, I used some bias tape around the neck to help hold the shape, and to stop the mesh unfurling.

Bemsilk was used for the cape, as well as the skirt.

Miss 5BN concentrating on sewing the hem of the cape.

Lily Quench the Dragon Slayer

The hat was found in the local $2 shop, from memory it was labeled as a gnome hat!  Miss 5BN found some yellow feathers in the craft department and inserted them into the hat.

Only a couple more years of costumes to be chosen and made at the 11th hour!

In the next week, her class re-enacted for the school - the arrival of the First Fleet to Australia.
Miss 5BN was to be a convict. Her outfit was hastily borrowed from another school family the night before. Oh thank goodness for the class curriculum that is repeated from year to year, just ask a child in the class above, can you beg, borrow or steal their outfit---it may ensure that your child has convict entry into Australia.

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