Sunday, November 10, 2013

Odd socks

 The bane of every parent's life--odd socks
We have used a front loader washing machine for the last few years, I have enjoyed the water efficiency the front loader machine offers.
  However' I feel that the odd socks have been breeding at an alarming rate with the purchase of the front loader.
As much as the machine does a lovely wash, we cannot add extras to the wash -- once it has been started

Having a rare home day today, all others in the household being at work and school, I decided to tackle the baskets, bags and piles of odd socks that were hidden throughout the house.
This was a huge undertaking. Sports socks, school socks, work socks, name brand socks, international socks, plain socks, patterned socks, footy socks, socks with coloured toes and heels, holey socks, small socks the 5BN children have long grown out of.
 Cheap socks, expensive socks, labeled socks, wool socks, cotton and synthetic socks -- I am sure I sorted all of these varieties and more.
I paired so many socks today, I growled to all who would listen - and those who chose not to listen.
No sooking that they had no socks! 
There were enough socks paired to fit every hoof and foot on the Ark after today's effort. Still too many socks left without mates--where are those extra mates!  I nearly had a mild coronary doing the sums of the total cost of the socks paired or singular--stacked precariously in their piles.
What do you do with all those lonely single socks?  Where are all those lonely single socks hiding?

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  1. What you need is an Odd Sock Keeper!
    I know where you can get one