Thursday, November 7, 2013

Love Heart Quilt

Too much time is spent on Instragram, moments snatched here and there.   Enabling me to dream of much inspiration, aspiration --but in reality not enough time or expertise!
However I instantly was taken by the quilt below.
Cath's new nephew is framed most beautifully on this masterpiece.
@cathmosely on Instagram made a gorgeous, vivid and  bright rainbow baby heart quilt with a Kona Solids Roll Up / Jelly Roll.
I scoured the net to find such a vivid Jelly Roll, only to be put off by the brutal shipping / postage charges from overseas.

A light bulb moment ensured I raided the stash. I had a half jelly roll of  Vintage Modern left from a previous project. I auditioned the fabrics several times, enlisting the help of family and friends to ensure the colours ranged from darkest to the lightest. Using a black and white filter on the camera also helped with colour placement / colour values.

Absolutely brilliant.  This magnificent work of art has
 been designed and made by the talented @cathmosely on Instagram

 Enlisting the assistance of my SIL the ever so prolific quilter, she had a pattern draughted whilst I was still muddling about at home.  My SIL drew up a pattern, raided her stash, and made the quilt below. She is so quick, and so inspiring.

Masterpiece from the SIL!
Now for mine to be quilted, bound and gifted.


  1. Replies
    1. thank you, I plan to make this again, was quick to piece.

  2. Dear 5Bent Needles...

    Would you happen to have a pattern for this beauty that you might share? It is truly candy for the eyes...


    1. Thanks Lisa, this quilt would be lovely for Valentines Day

  3. Stunning quilts!!! I would also be interested in a pattern in you have one.

  4. Thanks tinab, This is lovely for the up coming Valentines Day.

  5. I would love the pattern too. My son picked this out and wants me to make it for him.

  6. possible to get a pattern for this?

  7. Would have been helpful to include the measurements for the strips!

  8. Are you willing to share your pattern and the length of the strips?

  9. It is a beautiful quilt, in all the color combinations shown. What was the final answer about being able to get a pattern, and/or at least the sizes of the strips?

  10. Will you share the pattern my email address

  11. I'd also love to have this pattern. Are you selling it? My email address is

  12. I, too, would love to buy this pattern. My very first great-grand is coming in July. My email address:
    Thanks, if only for posting this beauty1

  13. Why is it so many questions especially regarding patterns and fabric lengths, etc. never get answered? I've noticed this on numerous sites....very frustrating.

  14. Here is a pattern I found for a similar quilt.