Sunday, June 10, 2012

Market Day Again

Heat Packs to keep us toastie and warm
Door Stops to stop the banging of doors

A few home days, and I seem to be sewing for the kids.

The boys are delighted, beginning to have repeat customers for the chook wheat. One regional stock agent telephoned through the week - to order mulptiple bags of the chook wheat - to onsell in his Merchandise component of the Stock Agents.  No complaints from the boys, the chap will collect today-- may even throw in a wheat/heat pack to keep him happy.
Another local market today, so the boys have bagged a tonne and a half of wheat-- hope it all is sold today after their mammonth efforts in wieghing and bagging.

Miss 5BN and I have been sewing more heat packs, door stops, and also draught stoppers.
With the cooler start to winter, maybe the draught stoppers may be the ticket item today.

Sewing at my house this evening, so will need to vacuum up the loose grains of wheat, and prioritise projects of mine.

Keep warm and enjoy the long weekend.


  1. Hope it went off well!! We didn't venture over this time...too much to do at home :)

  2. Yep, the kids are rolling the wads to bank, very happy, great crowd, great day--topped off by all of us Spotlighing! 7 less vermin to chew the crops