Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Show and Tell Sunday Sewing

At sewing on Sunday, there were some finished projects and some WIP projects.
 Marg's Mum made / or nearly made this quilt 20 years ago, it was found in the cupboard, some matching homespun was found to complete the one missing block, now all pinned, ready to be quilted.
Precise piecing

Up close to show the mitred corners

Marg made the above quilt at a local workshop, and learnt how to mitre the corners - as part of the finishing process. Excellent work.

Pj's for a lucky girl

Matching bunting and European cushion cover.
Wonderful and bright.

Hexies at the ready to be made into a travel sewing kit


  1. Are the hexies yours? Gorgeous fabric! Spending Saturday sewing with friends sounds like the perfect way to get through the working week!

  2. Hi Lisa
    yes the hexies are mine- slowly making progress. Hope to see you at the bloggy catch up soon