Monday, September 17, 2012

Molly jacket

covered button detail --made by Miss 5BN
 I have had the Molly Jacket pattern for several months now, and I decided to set aside some time to make it for Miss 5BN.

pale grey cordouroy

The instructions were clear, easy to follow.
Jacket is reversible, this was very quick to sew - cut 2 of everything, and sew 2 of everything!


Cuff folded back

 house print in purples--- from Spotlight - similiar to a Liberty print
Spring version of the same jacket pattern

Miss 5BN receives gushy comments -- whenever she wears this jacket.
This yellow birdie jacket was purchased from the busy Elaine of Apple Crumble on FB

Another Molly Jacket in mind -- using this fabric


  1. I really love this cord jacket. Perfect for the colder days ahead.

    1. yes it's great for layering in the cooler weather

  2. So cute! and beautiful fabrics, no wonder people always comment :)

    1. quick to make, should be delving into the stash for more of these

  3. I love the mock liberty lining! Those spotlight prints are lovely aren't they. Hope we see the daisy jacket soon!