Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Openings and Outings

Volunteering is the lifeblood of rural communities, there would be very few families or local identities who would not volunteer their time or goods in one way or another.  Firefighting, flood recovery, catering, sporting events, working bees --the list goes on.  Volunteering certainly happens anywhere and anytime.
The volunteers also enjoy the social side that goes along with it, so the 5BN family were no exception, when we received our invitation to the opening of our flash new CFA shed;  this was an opportunity for a catch up with the locals.

very fancy invitation on A4 paper!

Note the contrast between the Old and the New CFA Shed

A pioneer in the past had a great time naming this little rural community GRASS FLAT!!

Mr 5BN receiving his 25
years Service Medal for volunteering as a local CFA member

Mr 5BN's 25yrs of Service Medal, as well as his father's 55 years of Service Medal - presented on the night.

Our trio and a mate inspecting Mr 5BN's Service Medal

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