Friday, November 30, 2012

Country hospitality

Yummy delights

We had our quarterly regional meeting in a nearby rural town.  Each year we use the local Primary School's facilities in this little town -- to host our meeting. 
The school has 25 pupils, the Mothers Club cater for our meeting each year. Once again the food on offer was exceptional, we also received gift bags of home made shortbreads to take home. Bowls of mints and those essential pick-me-up sweet treats graced our tables - as well as that of the guest speakers.  We had guest speakers for the day from the city- they were hugely impressed with the country hospitality.
 I was busy talking at the start of lunch, so missed taking photos of the lovely cold meat platters and variety of mouth watering salads.
Instead - it was all about the priorities -- I took photos of the morning tea and dessert offerings!

Next year, we have requested to have a mid year meeting in this town again, we have requested the theme to be Christmas in July, the Mums on the catering comittee were eager to please --we can't wait to see the feast prepared for us in 2013.
Middle 5BN baked this last night

The middle 5BN had several days this week as a transition into secondary school, he made the apple turnovers in Food Technology , and was so keen to come home and immediately make some for the whole family- with no assistance.
He already has a keenness for the baking, and will readily make a batch of shortbread or yo yos for school lunches, I will be continuing to foster this interest.


  1. Nothing beats a Mother's club pav! Look at that fruit - delicious!!!

    1. yes - food galore at this time of the year, yum yum
      hope you will be able to have a rest!