Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Sewing

Our sewing group meet this afternoon, so I decided that I needed some handwork to take along. I have a new order for a smocked dress for Miss C.  Miss C  is soon to turn 2 years old, so a dress was requested for the birthday, but to be able to be worn throughout summer as well.

Star of the Show---Issue 48, p 34
Australian Smocking and Embroidery
Bullion Daisies

This design was a favourite of mine and also Miss 5BN, she wore it lots and lots, so I decided to make the same for Miss C.
No sahes to trip over
Tucked hem for a neat and quick finish.
Here it is in pink, with piping around the neck and sleeve bindings.
Gifted to a great niece for her Christening
Fabric pleated and blocked
Shadow play in the morning light
Blocked-- and all right to go now.

I will find some threads to match, and work on this - this afternoon.

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