Thursday, November 1, 2012

SunnyBoy / Pyramid Purses

Colourful treats

Mr 5BN and the middle 5BN are flying interstate this weekend, to visit Mr 5BN's older sibling and his family. I decided the two preteen daughters needed to receive a small gift, along with the SIL as well.

These Pyramid Purses were deemed to be appropriate. I had purchased the pattern as a PDF download some months ago, so quickly located the pattern on the laptop.

PDF download easily managed
Nicole Mallalieu has written a splendid pattern, lots of photos, many handy hints,  this was very enjoyable to read through and follow.

Yummy refreshing Summer treats

The shape of the purse reminded me of the icy Sunnyboy treats the children enjoy.
Yum Yum
Fabrics were easily chosen from the Prints Charming range at Spotlight, - fresh colours and designs.

Zips to match were also chosen.

Zip being inserted
Progress being made,

More practise with the zips.
Choices, choices!
These pyramid purses were quick to make, used little fabric amounts, there was no unpicking required by the time I had made the fourth little purse. I had mastered the art of the zip insertion, and the little handle being sewn into the correct side of the purse!
Miss 5BN wishes to keep one for herself, the other three will go to the recipients with maybe a lipgloss / hair accessories- or small treat inside.


  1. What a lovely idea!! They wii find them so handy I bet :)

  2. yes --lip balms and fancy bubble baths from Des Lardners' in the Plaza have filled them out well

  3. I bet they were a real hit! Cute pops of colour (excuse the pun!) x

    1. they will be enjoyed for some time, I hope!