Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pinwheel Quilt

A baby gift for a work colleague's new baby - Sam.
I used this pattern to make two quilts several years ago ,
one in a feminine girly colourway - using the Santorini range of fabric, by designer Lila Tueller.
For the boy quilt I used an American Jane Charm pack.
I wanted to be organised for a work colleague who was having her first baby at the time. The work colleague is always super efficient - I was prepared!  As her Lucy arrived, I had the binding on, and the quilt gifted to baby Lucy.
The masculine version of the same quilt has been in the cupboard. Perfect time to add the binding over this break, complete the quilt and gift it.

The quilting on both quilts was done by Mrs WB, yet again -a superb flowing overall pattern for both babies.

I used some whipstich piping instead of making the prairie points
For the binding I went with some left over orange and yellow jelly roll strips, it seemed to frame the quilt so much better - than a darker blue spot fabric -that I originally had in mind. The jelly roll strips  were left over from the quilt below.
Hexagon quilt using an American Jane jelly roll
This has been since quilted, just waiting to have the binding sewn on.

I found this body suit / onesie in the cupboard, and decided to embellish it with some binding offcuts.
I sewed them on randomly, with no other purpose - than to utilise the small scraps.
Body suit for baby Sam - all co-ordinated!

The backing is a piece of  "Treasure Island" by Michael Miller

Santorini fabrics

Quilt backed and bound in the pink mosaic print


  1. I love your hexagon quilt. I like the effect the light makes when it is hung up. Is it a jelly roll pattern?

  2. Thank you, the pattern is Merry-Go-Round (AJP205)from the American Jane website. I used nearly all a jelly roll, still have some strips left I will use to bind the quilt.