Friday, January 18, 2013

I Heart You - love to you and yours!

I have been an admirer of Vanessa's blog for some time, and have been a keen admirer of her newly released range of fabric. The colour gradients in her simply colour Ombre line of fabrics are a delight.
PDF Pattern  --  ready to begin!
Gorgeous gradients in this Spicy Pink  / Simply Colour   fabric range
HST and trimming

making progress
 Miss 5BN woke this am with an upset tummy, she has lay on the couch through the day, and has been a trooper with her stomach cramps and the continual vomiting. Sips of water +/- Gastrolyte have come straight back up, not much has stayed in her little tummy.

In one of her awake moments this afternoon, I showed her the very nearly completed quilt top  - instant response -- was a projectile vomit onto the quilt top. Luckily for all, those little sips of water just consumed - was sprayed onto the quilt top.  No harm done; a wash with an antibacterial in the washing machine will be required.
Waking later, Miss 5BN asked " did I really vomit on the quit top - or was it a dream?"

Needing some sunlight to kill the germs! before a wash and iron
 This has been Vanessa's first quilt for 2013, I will soon quilt and bind this - to also ensure it is my first quilt finish for 2013.
rear view!

lots of love, pink hearts and get well soon -  Miss 5BN.
The little dollie's bath was a much used receptacle today!


  1. I did wonder how the heart worked with one fabric. Might be one to try....looks great!

  2. yes, it came together quite quickly, great lap quilt size.